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rates and policies
LODGE High Season
High Season Friday and Saturday (per night) Sun-Thursday (per night)
1- 3 people $180.00 $160.00
4-6 people $275.00 $250.00
7-10 people $350.00 $300.00
Pets $10.00 per pet $10.00 per pet
LODGE Off Season (January 15 - March 1)
Off Season Friday and Saturday (per night) Sun-Thursday (per night)
1-3 people $150.00 $100.00
4-6 people $250.00 $200.00
7-10 people $300.00 $250.00
Pets $10.00 per pet $10.00 per pet
These rates insure that you will have this exclusive 80 acre private resort all to yourself.
Boating, campfires, camping cook outs and swimming all included.

FIREWOOD Firewood must be bought from our property only (may not be brought in from elsewhere) to stop the spread of the Ash Borror.
Friday and Saturday (per night) Sun-Thursday (per night)
for Lodge $10.00 $10.00
Never leave a fire unattended please!

  1. A $100.00 security deposit is required for lodge stay.
  2. The full security deposit will be refunded if you leave the lodge and lake area as you found it. Please take a trash bag to the lake and bring all trash generated at the lake back to the lodge.
  3. Property manager will notify you if lane to the lake is in good enough condition to drive back or not. Wet weather causes even 4 wheel drive vehicles to become stuck and bottom out. Towing is costly. Use of ATV’s limited to lane from lodge to lake only.
  4. Bring your own personal flotation devices for boating on the lake.
  5. State hunting and fishing licenses required in order to obtain a complementary private land owner permit to hunt or fish on the property.
  6. Pets or service animals are not allowed on beds or furniture.
  7. Local phone access only. Wireless internet via lap top computer hook up available.
  8. Responsible use of alcohol consumption at the lodge and lake.
  9. Smoking outside on the deck of the lodge. Responsible, contained smoking at the lake. All cigarette buts must be properly disposed of.
  10. Because of the USDA law that strictly prohibits moving of firewood from county to county or state to state you need to purchase firewood from my property. An extremely damaging emerald ash borror invades forests and can be spread by firewood. So far, our property is free of this insect.
  11. Firewood can be provided for a modest fee (see rates chart). Never leave a fire unattended, put out when leaving lake or lodge.
  12. Bring your own bath towels. hand towels & kitchen towels provided.
  13. Please throw away any left overs in the fridge and take trash bags out to dumpster.
  14. Please wash up your dishes and put them away.
  15. Please check the kitchen for additional policies for a fun and safe stay.


Secluded Lake Lodge is a vacation rental and nature retreat located in Newcomerstown, Ohio.
Please call 520-456-0296 for availability.
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